PPM for Resource Managers? Introducing ResourceFirst!

In many portfolio management systems, the focus leans toward project management. But what happens when those projects aren't getting the resources they need? PDWare ResourceFirst provides software and solutions to help align the skills in the organization with the demand. The result: an optimized portfolio and a well-balanced resource pool.


Who We Are

  Surprises happen without proper resource planning!


Surprises happen without proper resource planning!

We are a leading provider of resource planning and project portfolio management software that delivers on these key issues:

Simplicity: We designed the products to mimic the way you do business

Scalability: Our clients range from 100 to 30,000-resource organizations

Business Intelligence: Prioritized analysis algorithms, plus dynamic dashboards

Thought Leadership: Our software incorporates ideas from both clients and industry experts

A brief discussion of PDWare Resource Planning Benefits in animated form.

What They Say

Listen to what our clients say about us:

Listen to what our clients say about us:

How We Lead

  PDWare is the thought leader behind the Summit.


PDWare is the thought leader behind the Summit.

The Resource Planning Summit is celebrating its 6th year as the premier event for promoting the concepts and knowledge of Resource Management, Capacity Planning, and Demand Management, and how all this applies to Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

This 2 day conference is a meeting of the minds for industry experts, companies that have gone through successful (or not so successful) Resource Management implementations, and Resource Planning professionals at all levels. At the Summit, you will interact with your peers and learn from the top thought leaders in the business.

RPS 2016 will be held on May 23-24, 2016, in New York, NY.

Highlights from RPS 2014


PDWare was founded in 2002 to provide high-value, low-overhead resource planning software to support operational decisions and improve resource and portfolio productivity.