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September 15-17, 2014
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PPM for Resource Managers? Introducing ResourceFirst!

In many portfolio management systems, the focus leans toward project management. But what happens when those projects aren't getting the resources they need? PDWare ResourceFirst provides software and solutions to help align the skills in the organization with the demand. The result: an optimized portfolio and a well-balanced resource pool.

Easy to Use

PDWare provides two different user interfaces sharing a common database: an Excel front-end for spreadsheet lovers and advanced analysis, and a browser based thin-client for quick access to data and executive analysis.

Easy to Implement

Unlike big PPM, PDWare does not require long implementations and massive data entry at startup. With PDWare, you can be up and running in a week, and produce meaningful business analysis within a month.

Real Value

PDWare's unique prioritized supply-demand allocation algorithm will help you be proactive in locating and fixing resource management issues and give you the data to make real portfolio decisions.

Our Software

While our core is Resource Managment, our ResourceFirst software takes you through the full life cycle of Portfolio Planning, and answers these questions:

Demand Management

Is my portfolio achievable with the current resource pool? Which projects are not getting the resources they need?

Scenario Planning

What if a new project comes in that must be done? What if a project slips? How does this affect the rest of my portfolio?

Financial Planning

Does my current portfolio align with my annual operating plan? Am I over or under budget? Which projects have the highest NPV?

Project Selection

Which projects should I do to minimize risk and maximize value?

Why PDWare?

We are a leading provider of resource planning and project portfolio management software that delivers on these key issues:

  • Simplicity: We designed the products to mimic the way you do business
  • Scalability: Our clients range from 100 to 30,000-resource organizations
  • Business Intelligence: Prioritized analysis algorithms, plus dynamic dashboards
  • Thought Leadership: Our software incorporates ideas from both clients and industry experts

As any good manager knows, you can have first-rate portfolio and project plans, but if you do not have the people with the right skills at the right time to execute them, resource planning systems become meaningless.

Using a unique prioritized resource supply-demand allocation method, PDWare's ResourceFirst Resource Management Software enables you to solve resource planning problems and drive your organization to perform at a high level.

The result of PDWare's ResourceFirst Resource Planning Software: a higher percentage of projects getting completed successfully, better on-time performance, and increased productivity.

Peter Heinrich, CEO

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