Can I import PDWare rights instead of entering them manually?

In the PDWare Edit Rights dialog box (Admin-Edit Rights), there are two buttons in the lower right corner for importing and exporting data. The export will send the following fields to a .csv file: * User Name: login name for the user * Full Name: From the admin users table * Right Name: Type of right (Administrator, Baseline, FEX, Project, Resource, Rate, Financial, Scenario, or Timesheet) * Right Level: 0 to 4 based on the selection in Edit Rights * Node: Project or Resource OBS Node in the format Org1\Org2\Org3… * Project: For specific Project Manager rights to projects * Resource: For specific Timesheet rights to resources

This file can be edited in Microsoft Excel and imported back into PDWare. For example, you can copy paste “R0/P0” rights to “All” for all users. When editing, keep the data in the same format.


* The Full Name field is not required for import. * For Administrator, Baseline, and FEX rights, use 4 as the right level. * To assign a right to all nodes, enter “All” in the node column. * To delete rights, use -999 as the right level. Note: Currently this only applies to Administrator, Baseline, FEX, and Resource rights. * To update a right level, just enter the new level. You do not need to delete and then add.