What is the correct process for handling resource terminations in PDWare Portfolio?

The simple answer to this question is that the resource termination date should be entered in the Date Terminated field on the Resource Data sheet, default capacity should be set to zero, and all capacity in periods after the termination period should be cleared. As a result, any demand for the resource after the termination period will be highlighted as shortfall. The resource manager should then reassign that demand to another resource or convert it to a Skill assignment. Any resource specific assignments (e.g., Paid Time Off) should be emptied beyond the termination date.

A resource should NOT be made inactive until all projects to which the resource was assigned have been made inactive and there is no other need to examine planned or actual values.

Set Date Terminated and clear Capacity

Go to the Resource Data sheet. If the Date Terminated field is not visible, right click > Select Fields, and add Date Terminated to Visible Fields


Enter the termination date in the Date Terminated cell for each departing resource and enter zero (0) in default capacity (DCap).


An alternative is to use the Edit Resource dialog to set the Date Terminated and Default Capacity values. The dialog applies to all selected resource rows.


If this confirmation message appears, click the “Yes” button.


Save data to the database (Database > Save Data).

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