What is the meaning of the Productivity fields in the Financial module? How are they calculated?

The 5 productivity fields can be mapped to Project User Defined Fields (UDFs) which can then be selected for display on the Portfolio Summary and BFA View sheets. They are a crude measure of your "bang for the buck" spent in each of the 5 financial categories. Select the Financials menu command at the far right of the PDWare menu bar and then select Map Productivity Fields. In the dialog, select the UDFs for display of each item.

The 5 fields are:

  • Labor $ (dollar)  Productivity
  • Labor FTE  Productivity
  • Total Cost  Productivity
  • Non Labor  Productivity
  • Capital  Productivity

For each field (for each project) the dividend is the row total of Net Rev - Cost. The divisors are the row totals for each of the other types, e.g. Capital or FTE. FTE comes from the row total on the Project Demand sheet in the PortfolioData book. All others come from the row totals on the Portfolio Summary sheet in the Financial module.


NOTE: These values appear only in the financial module. They are not automatically saved to the corresponding UDFs on the Project Data sheet.