Should the basics of project planning and financial planning be taught in high school?

Notice that I didn’t say “Project Management” as embodied in PMBOK. That is far too much information and content. For project planning, classes would focus on objectives, requirements, work breakdown, dependency definition, skill requirements and staffing, completion criteria, risk assessment, etc.

Financial planning classes should focus on time value of money, compounding effects of reinvesting interest and dividends, and many other useful topics that I never learned.

This is of great importance for our kids and our society for many reasons.

  • These topics teach and require critical thinking which benefits everyone.
  • Those kids who don’t go to college or university need these skills at least as much as everyone else.
  • Most higher education programs don’t address these topics at all leaving their graduates ignorant of these powerful ways of thinking about problems.
  • These methods are very useful in making practical decisions that must be made over and over during a lifetime.