Illustration of PDWare product platform, part 1

PDWare product platform This snapshot is from PDWare Portfolio, PDWare's Excel-based product. Our product interacts with a relational-based backend, usually either SQL server or Oracle. Data should be provided by the people who are most familiar with it. If data are not timely and accurate, captured and entered by the functional managers for resource data and project managers for project attributes, even the best reporting systems software will fail.

Screen capture description

This is  a worksheet from a workbook that is controlled by PDWare software. We are looking at the project list and the project portfolio for the unit.

As the example demonstrates, you can see the list of projects that must be accounted for. Next to the project, you see its priority, which is determined by the portfolio managers. Next, you see the project's attributes. For instance, one project is part of Product Line A; another is part of Product Line B, and so on. PDWare provides the capability to track many other attributes, like those pertaining to the budge,t current phase completion schedule, deliverable attributes and status, and user definable items.

How resource planning differs from project planning -- the PDWare difference

The information captured on this sheet is the responsibility of the project manager *and* the portfolio manager; other sheets have data owned by functional resource managers including capacity, skill, and project demand.  This shared responsibility is one element that distinguishes PDWare from a project scheduling tool like MS Project. While some items are strictly the responsibility of the project manager, such as dates and the current overall health of the project, other items such as priority are the responsibility of senior/portfolio management.

PDWare integrates the efforts of project, functional resource, and portfolio managers. You have in one place current plans, all history, prioritized resource supply-demand analysis, the impact of new projects or project plan changes on all other projects in the portfolio, and much more.

--Peter Heinrich

PDWare is a resource planning software application.