Introducing PDWare TAM services

Ever wished you had a service that could deliver just-in-time expertise? Wondered if there was an alternative to paying full-time FTEs with part-time results? PDWare is pleased to introduce a new service: PDWare TAM (Technical Account Management). TAM (Technical Account Management) services give your company on-demand PMO support delivered remotely or on site. This is a great way to augment your existing team with some extra manpower at critical times or to temporarily address an open head count.

According to Phil Wolf, Senior Vice President, Enterprise and OnDemand Products, "There are times when a PMO needs help with a deliverable, and the right expertise at the right time is more valuable than a full-time FTE. The goal of the TAM program is to deliver the right skill set on-demand to meet the current challenge of the day. This is a huge asset to have in your toolbox."

TAM Services can be for just about any PDWare function including report writing, dashboard development, simple interface work, product upgrades, database migration, system diagnostics, documentation development, and product mentoring.

Interested? Contact Phil Wolf at 978-897-0033 or email