Project Portfolio Management Reporting Solved

Reporting has historically been a challenge for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems. Canned reports are often inadequate and do not account for user-defined fields. User-defined reporting capabilities are typically limited. Third-party business intelligence tools are expensive and require additional hardware. Companies are left to resort to high-priced custom reporting consultants, or exporting data to Excel and spending weeks manipulating and formatting the data. PDWare's solution takes advantage of the flexibility of Excel with the convenience of canned reporting, without losing the ability to show and display both standard and user-defined fields. This technology is called Pivot Source Reporting. Basically, it allows end-users to export data to Excel, create their own multi-tabbed spreadsheet of reports and graphs, and integrate this template directly into the PDWare menus to be run at any time.

How it works:

  1. Users can select any field in PDWare. This can include fields from any object, as well as user-defined fields, calculated fields, financial fields, and periodic fields. This data is exported to Excel.
  2. Users can create their own views in Excel using all Excel functionality.  This includes pivot reports, multiple tabs, all Excel charting functionality, formulas, filtering, and more. For example, a report can be created that has all the graphs necessary for a Portfolio Review meeting, along with other tabs that have pivot tables with the supporting data. This layout is then saved as an Excel document.
  3. The Excel file is saved in a PDWare directory. The PDWare software will then automatically add the report to its menus, and refresh the report data with current PDWare data when it is launched.

With this model, any PDWare user who knows Excel can develop their own reports. These reports can be distributed, or kept unique to a single user, and there is no limit on the number of report templates a user can have. Furthermore, when running the reports, the data can be saved as a pure Excel report that can be shared or emailed to non-PDWare users.

This PDWare Pivot Source technology is a new approach to PPM reporting that is easy to implement (no external consultants required), powerful (all reporting features of Excel plus all fields, including user-defined, from PDWare), and inexpensive (standard feature of PDWare 6.0).  For companies that have implemented PDWare 6.0, this technology has solved the long-lived PPM reporting problem, saving both time and money without sacrificing functionality.