PDWare DevLogs: Introducing PDWare Pulse

We have talked at length about communicating the functionality of new and future features in PDWare products. I'm happy to announce that we have delivered on our promise with our PDWare DevLogs series. --Baruch Gabo

What is PDWare Pulse?

PDWare Pulse was introduced during the Resource Planning Summit 2012, and is an event notification feature available in PDWare iTeam v6.0 with Messenger.

The idea for the development of PDWare Pulse came from our marketing department after surveying many current iTeam users. Most of you wanted to have a notification system that won't send out emails on every possible event (something you could do with PDWare Messenger) but inform you of specific events from within iTeam. Another request was that a user should be able to control which notifications to enable and disable to avoid high-level users from being flooded with multiple events that don't concern them.

PDWare Pulse was designed using the current PDWare Messenger, our Windows service-based email notification engine, as the backend that generates and sends iTeam notifications to users.

Defining PDWare Pulse Notifications

The new Messenger user interface allows administrators to define which notification will be used for updating the PDWare Pulse and/or send out email notifications.

In the following screenshot we have a Submitted Timesheet event notification marked for updating PDWare Pulse and not sending out emails.



PDWare Pulse User Interface

Once you log into iTeam, you will notice two new buttons in your menu.


The lightning button will bring the PDWare Pulse into your view, docked on the right hand side of your screen.


The Pulse screen will update automatically whenever the Messenger sends you a new notification.

To disable or enable the type of notifications you want to see, click the Filter button to show the list of available types, and check/uncheck the ones you want. Click Apply.


The view will refresh to show only the notifications you have enabled.