Project management or resource planning?

pdwareManageMost organizations, even those that are good at project management, would benefit from resource planning. For the past fifty or sixty years, project management has been the rage -- and rightly so. But it has its limitations. PDWare recommends that companies begin with resource planning, and embrace life cycle management across a portfolio of projects. With effective resource planning, it becomes possible to deploy resources in the most effective way possible. Organizations graduate from a culture in which projects stay on time and budget (or not) to one in which they embrace an attitude of continuous improvement in resource allocation across a portfolio of projects.

Who Needs Resource Planning?

Most large organizations need resource planning. Generally, organizations manage project portfolios ad hoc. Their efforts are not systematic, and they do not encompass the company's entire spectrum of projects. Following are questions for organizations interested in learning more about resource planning. They help us understand their current processes, corporate culture, and technological environment.

Resource Planning Questions for Project Sponsors

* What is the average duration of projects in your portfolio?

* What is the average number of resources per project in the portfolio?

* Do your team members currently track time? If yes, what system do they use?

* How many first level resource managers allocate their people to projects?

Questions that Involve Executive Management

* Who typically makes portfolio approval decisions?

* Describe the current portfolio pipeline process.

* Who is the senior professional who has operational portfolio or pipeline process responsibility?

Questions for IT

* Describe your technical environment.

* Does your environment support Microsoft Windows application servers?

* Does your company use Microsoft Office?