Resource Data Sheet: PDWare

PdWareResourceDataIn this slide, I am acting as if I were the line or functional manager of the mechanical engineering organization. I have five people reporting to me who have a variety of skills. They are reflected in the organization skills matrix to the left.

Take a look at Bill Brophy, who has packaging skills. As his manager, using PDWare, I can put an indicator in that cell to reflect his skill and his availability. I have now registered that Bill is available for work that requires those skills.

Next, I want to express how much effort is going to be required from my resources by project. Let's say I have been asked to support New Project in Product Line A. It is going to be a long project -- about 18 months to 2 years in duration -- but I have to support only the first phase or two.

Resource utilization

I look at the resource utilization sheet, which shows the total current demand for each resource divided by the resource's capacity. If a person is available 1 FTE per month (if they have a demand of one), this number will be 100 percent. If they have less demand than 1 percent, the percentage will be lower than that.

In this case, Pat McClusky in January has only 20 percent of his capacity identified as demand on a project. That translates into availability. Conversely, if I have a resource that has a number of 115 percent, he is scheduled at 15 percent capacity beyond his level of availability.

Capacity planning

If I am asked to support a project, I will look at this chart and note its duration. In this example, I see that the project is going to run from February through April or May. Next, I see that Joe Poteet has 60 percent availability, but I know that he is going to be needed at about 40 percent capacity to meet the needs of the new project. That means I will be able to right click to assign resources (in this case, Joe). Then, I select New Project and insert Joe. Now I only need to indicate the level of effort required from Joe on the project; I click and drag the cursor for as many periods as necessary.

As you see, PDWare provides standard Excel functionality in order to quickly express a requirement for a resource on a project.

--Peter Heinrich


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