Webinar: Resource planning is not project planning

international project management dayPeter Heinrich, CEO of PDWare, presented a webinar on resource planning for International Project Management Day. Thanks to Frank Saladis and his team for the invitation to speak and for providing the link to the webinar. http://internationalpmday.org/webinars/sept-20-2013-peter-heinrich-resource-planning/


There is no longer disagreement about the importance of resource planning to portfolio management. Portfolio management without a robust resource planning process is static, leaving out the most powerful levers for improvement. With all that is now known, most companies still self-identify as being poor at resource planning. Many of these companies also claim they are not mature enough to take on such an initiative.

Resource planning is where you start portfolio management, not where you end. Resource planning is a key driver of portfolio selection and is a necessary condition for improvement in execution. This webinar will elevate the traditional status of resource planning within portfolio management, and will make the case for getting started sooner rather than later.

The webinar will also introduce you to PDware and their unique approach to the challenges of managing organizational resources.

Speaker Information:

Peter Heinrich has a long history in technology product development and management. During a 20-year career with Xerox, he managed the group that developed the original Star Workstation functional specification and later played key roles in program management and planning process design. In 1989 he co-founded Integrated Project Systems (later called IPS Associates) where he created the IPS portfolio management practice. Based on his experience with corporations large and small, Peter designed the portfolio resource planning and management process that is instantiated in PDWare’s products. Peter has a BA in philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles.