PDWare version 6.0 highlights

PDWare Portfolio 6.0

  • Full 64-bit Support: PDWare will now run on all versions of Microsoft Excel from 2003 to 2010 in both 32 and 64 bit environments.
  • Resource Explorer: Search and filter resources by sets of requirements that can be saved and easily applied.
  • Project Calendar: A new graphical effort forecast view.
  • Display Candidates: A new worksheet to display available resources by period for replacing skill assignments and over-allocated resources.
  • Versioning: Optionally allow or require comments to be captured when saving data.
  • Audit Trail: Store the history of changes to objects in the database.

PDWare iTeam 6.0

  • PDWare Pulse: On-line streaming notifications of changes to the portfolio.
  • Chat: On-line chat between iTeam users.
  • Issues / Risks: Track and report project issues and risks and assign to team members.
  • Project Initiation: Improvements to the project initiation form and workflow.
  • Enhanced Scheduler: Improvements to the on-line project scheduler module.
  • Enhanced Portfolio Functionality: Project Demand screen; color highlighting; drill-down.

PDWare Portfolio 5.2

  • Display Candidates Functionality

PDWare Portfolio 5.1

  • Project Calendar Module

PDWare Portfolio 5.0

  • WBS Scheduler Module
  • Copy Project Dialog
  • Assign Resources Dialog
  • Restrict Visibility of Project Data Fields
  • User Interface Enhancements

PDWare Portfolio 4.5

  • Project Hierarchy
  • Skill Hierarchy
  • Effort Forecast UDFs and Active Field
  • Capacity Model
  • One-Step Baseline
  • Capture Scenario in Database