• Optimize Allocation setting is saved with the user profile, and persists across PDWare sessions.
  • Project Data Sheet Formatting:

The Format-Row-Table {Row Height | Autofit} commands are “sticky” — they become the default for the next PDWare session.
Table Row Height: Sets the default row height and sets vertical alignment to centered.
Table Autofit: Sets the default to Autofit and the vertical alignment to top.

  • Project UDF Formatting:

If the column title (field name) contains “$”, the column has US currency format (“$#,##0″).
If the column title contains “%”, the column has percent format with one decimal place (“0.0%”).
If all column values are either empty or numeric, the column format is decimal if there is at least one decimal value, otherwise the format is integer.
Wrap Text format is set on the POS and Status Notes columns (the last two columns on the right of the Project Data sheet). This feature in combination with Table Autofit makes all text in these columns visible; the row height is a function of column width and the amount of text in each cell.