• New Tools menu for Show optimization allocations
  • Display Candidates now highlights lost allocations differently from lower priority allocations to a project or assignment
  • Single table (sheet) pivots with no data values specified are now supported
  • Release candidate single sheet pivot


  • Multiple fixes to BFA module
  • Fixed bug disabling the Insert Assignment dialog
  • Fixed use lower priority optimization
  • Display Candidates shows re-allocation for lower priority projects and handles ‘Apply’
  • Correct color highlighting on Candidates sheet
  • Fixed error on Get Data if resources, no resource assignments, and any skill assignments
  • Fixed Insert Assignment dialog to do the lock warning message correctly for non labor and PM checkout and handle RM checkout correctly as well
  • Fixed license parameter “A” PLUS “U” requiring a non-null text string to save data to db
  • Fixed multiple issues in Resource Search
  • Fixed Save Data error message to NOT error if Save Data Comment dialog is cancelled
  • WBS save data DLL fix