Version (2014-06-23)

Added : Compare Report to enable comparison of two saved .pdw files
Added : Compare Report allows excluding columns from comparison commands)
Added : Scenario Planner report
Added : Scenario Planner command "Apply Scenario to Financials","Apply Scenario to Demand","Apply Scenario to Project Phases"
Added : Financial module "Post NPV As Of" command
Added : Financial module Show Actual-Forecast command now highlights cells that have any Actuals with orange fill color on the Financial Detail and Portfolio Summary sheets.

Fixed : Financial module's Sort in Show Plan
Fixed : Post Labor Forecast now clears unselected duplicate labor assignments on a project
Fixed : Compare report Compare command handles missing records with a notice
Fixed : A condition where mapped hierarchy fields don't populate on Effort UDF fields
Fixed : Normalize resources in the financial module

Changed : Compare Report sort order
Changed : Financial module's Edit Assignment command to Edit Cost Center
Changed : Field Level rights setting allows single letter codes.
Changed: Remove All Filters now removes Special Filters