Version (2014-07-03)

Added: Report Info now tallies the count of projects that have a change in FTE and enables drill down to the Project Diff sheet to see them.
Added: When the Difference value type is selected on the Project Diff sheet, differences in schedule dates, financials, and Rank parameters are now shown as a difference.
Fixed: Submit Data menu command not available when the "B" license key parameter is present
Fixed: Error in the Financial module when Post Labor Forecast is selected
Fixed: Failure to implement override feature when an Effort UDF is both mapped from Resource Data AND an Effort Lookup List.
Fixed: Previously hidden columns are exposed sometimes when changing value types on the Diff sheets
Fixed: Autofilter seems to scramble the identification and highlighting of diff cells
Fixed: When value type is changed on the Resource or Effort Diff sheet, the row totals are cleared.
Fixed: The Value Type title is missing from the Effort and Resource Diff sheets
Fixed: Make the Insert button visible and positioned properly on the Insert Financial Assignment dialog in the single project mode
Fixed: Selection of Summarize Capacity in the Define Summary dialog
Changed: Remove Insert Financial Assignment rc menu on the Plan History sheet.
Changed: Project Data Labor Cost is available with rate rights only, no longer requires financial rights
Changed: Behavior of the different value options on the Diff sheets has been improved
Changed: Highlight of difference cells on the Diff sheets has been made more visible