Version (2014-08-14)

Added: For Actual-Forecast, the rule now is Actuals if any in periods before the one containing the current date, Forecast in current period to end
Added: If Capacity as forecast is set, then " Capacity" is set in fields Parent and Project Name if selected for Effort and Primary Skill if selected for Resource
Added: Many filter enhancements; diff filter separate from value selection; Show New|Deleted; consistency from sheet to sheet
Fixed: Incorrect resource search result in the Insert Assignment dialog.
Fixed: Exposed internal tables behind the “ . . . conflict with list . . .” informational message during Get Data.
Fixed: Project priority not set correctly in Copy Project
Fixed: Prevent error if the selection is invalid for a Move All command.
Fixed: Prevent error in filter on Autoschedule sheet.
Fixed: Compare report: fixes to add Difference Filter command, make behavior of value settings consistent among all sheets, fix to make initial Difference values differences on the Resource and Effort Diff sheets.
Fixed: Capacity in Forecast column
Fixed: Incorrect allocation and shortfall values and costs
Fixed: Error in Assign Resources dialog if an effort value is specified and any selected project start or finish date is empty
Fixed : error in MSOracle provider when opening the BFA module