Version (2014-08-26)

Fixed: Errors when invalid external node is selected for a Financial assignment
Fixed: Allow 2 click cumulative filter on Effort fields in the Actual Entry sheet (EXCEPT Comment and Type)
Fixed: Apply Project and Resource Data filters in the data book to the relevant sheets when BFA is opened.
Fixed: When a filter is applied to Resource Data, apply it to the Resource Summary sheet if BFA is open
Fixed: Provide a progress message in the status bar when baselining more than 5 projects
Fixed: Erroneous financial calculation if Units in Hours
Fixed: Incorrect resource search result in the Insert Assignment dialog.
Fixed: Exposed internal tables behind the “ . . . conflict with list . . .” informational message during Get Data.
Fixed: Project priority not set correctly in Copy Project
Fixed: Prevent error if the selection is invalid for a Move All command.
Fixed: Prevent error in filter on Autoschedule sheet.
Fixed: Compare report: fixes to add Difference Filter command, make behavior of value settings consistent among all sheets, fix to make initial Difference values differences on the Resource and Effort Diff sheets.