Version (2014-10-30)

Added: Enhancement :If capacity in Forecast column is requested, put the string " Capacity" in any selected UDFs that are mapped from Resource Data (as well as in the Parent and Project fields if they are selected for Effort Forecast fields)
Added: Hide Zero rows command is available on right click in the label area (not in period data)
Added: Significant performance improvement in selection change on all Portfolio Data sheets
Fixed: Assignment data clobbered after doing Database > Save Data while the Request book is open and Accepts occur
Fixed the Save code modified for previous mapped UDF fixes; now always loads aUDF for Effort save
Fixed: Hidden columns are exposed under the clear capacity confirmation message in the Edit Resource dialog
Fixed: Changes made with Apply default to current periods in the Edit Resource dialog are not saved in a Save Data
Fixed: When ONLY Capacity value is selected, skill assignment rows still appear in the Pivot report
Fixed: Correctly calculate and format header rows on all 3 sheets when a filter changes or when an Actual value changes on Actual Entry
Fixed : BFA column totals now respects filters
Fixed fix to factored baseline routines
Fixed: Intermittent dark top border on a seemingly random row on Portfolio Summary sheet
Fixed the fix for mapped EUDFs; if no Lookups on effort, it errored on a Save Data.
Fixed: Submit Baseline command is grayed out sometimes
Fixed: Summarization from Financial Detail to Portfolio Summary is wrong if there are any negative rates
Fixed: Row type column can be hidden on all sheets
Fixed: Errors in Submit Baseline if many projects are selected
Fixed: Data saved to database in reserved mapped fields; no data should be saved
Fixed: Error on submitting a project baseline with the status book open showing the baselined project
Fixed: Error if all or many projects are selected for a Submit Baseline
Fixed: Removed Stop statement from StorePreviousStatus procedure
Fixed: Changing the number of skills grid columns on Resource Data from the Tools>Options dialog exposes all columns on Resource Data