Version (2015-01-29)

Fixed: Incorrect results when changing/removing mapped Effort UDFs
Fixed Capacity issue for terminated resources
Fixed error referencing combo control on the sheet; now pop a dialog when the cell labelled Project Field is selected
Fixed: 1st row (15) on Financial Detail sheet is hidden.
Fixed: Erros when a large # of records loaded; index variable t was declared as in integer.
Fixed: Error in new feature that reverts Effort UDF column titles to the default after a mapping is removed.
Fixed: Handle Capacity rows & columns correctly; values were incorrect if Capacity as Forecast was NOT selected.
Fixed: Text clobbered on Conflicts Up in Portfolio Analysis if there are project filters in place
Fixed still another issue with formatting the Summary and BFA sheets; continuation of the FIN performance fix
Fixed unreported error: On BFA sheet with some value rows hidden, if user changes optional fields all rows are visible
Fixed errors when no resources or projects or assignments on Get Data
Fixed: Project Level 1 mapp to an Effort UDF is not executed if no projects in the Get Data have a hierarchy
Fixed: Paste import project clears parent relationship on any update to existing projects
Fixed failure in rights check that hides financial commands in Resource Hierarchy module
Fixed: Error in CountAssignments if there are no assignments