Version (2015-03-03)

Added : Pipeline Report lets users choose the project data field to color the bubbles
Fixed cost calculation in quarterly mode.
Fixed: Row 15 is hidden after Insert Fin Assignment. (Ted said this was fixed in an earlier build and has reappeared)
Fixed: If the value choice results in an empty period grid, right click does not offer any value choices so you cannot get out of that state
Fixed: Get Data request pending then No requests to display message is confusing. Change to No requests for current nodes.
Fixed: Mapped financial summary fields on Project Data don't work
Fixed: Newly mapped fields on Project Data don't expose hidden columns and don't autofit properly
Fixed: Remove Mapped Pfields puts blanks in map list
Fixed: Save Data in Hierarchy mode leaves HPRI column selected
Fixed: Edit project with no assignments exposes all project columns including hidden index columns
Fixed: Error on Save Data if no assignments
Fixed: Baselining from Project Data clears mapped Effort UDFs
Fixed: Edit Assignment exposes mapped EUDFs and removes the filter
Fixed: Error if the user selects Database>Save Data with no Portfolio Summary records
Changed Save Financial data initialization to handle a call from Database>Save Data