Version (2015-03-05)

Added : Time to market report - users can select fields other than status to color chart bubbles with
Added: Disable Post Budget for a single project plan that has no baseline
Added: Provide a message if any selected projects don't have a baseline to post
Added: NPV calculation now uses month granularity to calculate the initial period factor
Added : Pipeline Report lets users choose the project data field to color the bubbles
Fixed: Local currency symbols were being displayed instead of $
Fixed: Error openeing the Request module
Fixed: Administrative field controls based on user's rights was not working
Fixed: If a project parent is selected for baseline all selected children were NOT baselined. Now all selected projects are baselined
Fixed: Cumulative column does not display correct values for the NPV rows when Show NPV is selected
Fixed: Incorrect mark of selected ccs and fin items when a project is selected in the Insert Financial Assignment dialog
Fixed: Error that occurs after deleting financial assignments and refreshing data by any means
Fixed implementation of NPV calculation especially for start dates prior to the Get Data date range
Fixed: Incorrect handling of fiscal period start and end dates in this module
Fixed: Error on Get Data after Export Active sheet
Fixed cost calculation in quarterly mode.
Fixed: Row 15 is hidden after Insert Fin Assignment. (Ted said this was fixed in an earlier build and has reappeared)
Fixed: If the value choice results in an empty period grid, right click does not offer any value choices so you cannot get out of that state