Version (2015-06-08)

Added Open without previous report def automatically charts the 1st node with resources
Added names for Scenario Planner, Project Status Report, and Node Utilization report
Added Node Utilization & Project Status Report names
Added: Overallocated filters: 1) Demand in a period on 1 assignment exceeds capacity and 2) demand from all assignments for a resource in a period exceeds capacity - Sorts EF on Node-Res, filters to relevant assignments, and activates the Effort Forecasts sheet

Fixed: Enable financial scenario planning without an open Financial module if the Get Data Includes Nonlabor.
Fixed: Do not error if Scenario Planner is called without the Financial module and without Include Nonlabor
Fixed: Removed inoperative financial item right click commands, e.g. Non-Labor (they are accessed in the Financial Module)
Fixed: Update an inactive resource no longer sets the resource active if active is not specified