Version (2015-8-26)

Added FormatResData to warning in ApplyCostCategory [which is triggered by manual entry in the PDW.ini of item "ApplyCostCategory"] Added fix to Fin Paste-Import with Comment check for update Added: Project templates may be created without effort (dates only).

Fixed : Snapshot report sometimes skipping the first Category Fixed: Potential non-save effort on successive saves without get data (caused by rownumber). Fixed: Potential forecast clearing when forecast is marked with a change, but the values are not changed. Fixed incorrect placement of Actuals on Post Labor Actuals!! Fixed Edit Resource putting "<ASIS>" in default capacity column Fixed: Incorrect sort on the Financial Plans sheet Fixed GetDateColumn to get milestone dates only if there are more rows than 1 in the history array

Changed SetCodeEnv calls to EventsON/EventsOff