Version (2016-02-26)

Added Financial menubar menu to give user the option to hide or exposed the right click commands implemented in the Financial toolbar Added Excel file lister Added dynamic rowheight Added interface to Convert Demand & Shortfall to Skill for FINDWORK Added interfaces to all diagnostic filters/features Added Convert Demand & Shortfall to Skill features on Current assignments Added Gantt bar and clear target demand rows on selection of current assignments Added 2 click drill down to EF from both tables Added Show Current Assignments menu; defaults to Off; choice preserved over sessions Added RC menu to load filtered, visible items only Added Manage Work feature/module; Added color analysis, modify demand, and delete/inactivate current assignments added Selected Assignment title near the Gantt bar

Fixed call to get Unallocated resources Fixed missing label formatting on the CM sheet Fixed Fin toolbar icons disappear on selection in period data area Fixed highlight of Assignment Shortfall Fixed transparent RC menus

Changed delete menu to Delete Row(s) for consistency