PDWare is a market leader in providing resource planning and portfolio oversight software to organizations managing project portfolios. PDWare was founded in 2001 to provide high-value, low-overhead resource planning software to support operational decisions and improve resource and portfolio productivity.

PDWare pioneered dynamic capacity management (DCM) which drives the proactive deployment of people to product development and other critical projects. PDWare offers a solution that gives line resource managers, project managers, and executives the ability to meet the challenge of fluctuating capacity and project demand.

One feature PDWare provides is of enormous standalone value – prioritized resource supply-demand analysis — based on current, fresh, credible data — supplied by the real data owners.

The PDWare product is a powerful focusing agent because everyone with management responsibility owns some of the data and all the data is seen by all players.

Because we have a complete project registry, we can supply a broad range of portfolio, project management and life cycle reporting, oversight, and historical record-keeping.

The PDWare solution can be deployed quickly and is sustainable because it is based on Microsoft Excel and other standard Microsoft products.

PDWare serves a growing base of global customers in industries such as:

  • Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare
  • Financial Services: Banking and Insurance
  • High-Tech Manufacturing and IT
  • General Manufacturing

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