Capture proJECTS with their schedule, resource plan, and support information

Define your project portfolio

With PDWare you can register projects directly with any supporting information including priority, schedule, and key project parameters.

View allocation as % of demand

PDWare calculates how much of the demand can be satisfied in every time period, taking into account project priorities, resource capacity, and required skills.

Don’t approve projects or portfolios that can’t be done with the resources and skills you have.

Plan for capacity changes

Looking ahead, what changes to your resource pool do you need to make to achieve your goals?

Whether optimizing, upsizing, or downsizing, our capacity modeler will give you the answers.

Capture project demand and resource allocation

Plan what your projects need from start to finish – skills, resources by name, and financial non-labor items. Fully integrate your line managers into the portfolio and life cycle planning process by making them responsible for the resource allocation and utilization data.

Plan project schedule and tasks

PDWare’s dynamic Project Scheduler allows you to utilize a centralized workspace for task management, resource assignments to tasks based on allocation, inter-project dependencies, and mandatory constraints.

It will enable you to quickly identify task completion issues and effects on schedule and deliverables.


Proactively monitor portfolio performance, and get insight into variance between actual performance and plan

Manage periodic forecast

Have your line managers closest to the resources do a simple look ahead forecast of resource use on a regular basis and you will always have fresh, credible data to support your decision-making.

Manage the cost of inefficiencies

Identify the hit to your bottom line caused by unutilized capacity.

Highlight the impact of unsatisfied demand

PDWare highlights the impact of shortfall at all levels of planning, not just at the project level.

Prioritize and optimize

Use our portfolio analysis capability to examine resource conflicts, modify priorities, and generate what-if scenarios.

Monitor issues and risks across the portfolio

Capture issues and risks and use a simple method to track and manage them to completion and resolution not only for one specific project but across projects in your portfolio.


PDWare’s interactive reporting offers complete visibility into project metrics, resource demand, resource utilization, actual effort and portfolio risk.

Our exporting features and data pivots allow you to build custom views.

Analyze planned vs. actual

PDWare supports the saving of baselines and the ability to compare them to the current forecast and actual performance. Variance is automatically calculated to highlight differences.


Comment, notify, and email users

Comment on any element in the project portfolio

PDWare’s resource planning and allocation software comments mechanism offers a collaborative environment for discussing deliverables, solving problems and developing solutions to issues that arise. Comments can be generated for most major entities including projects, resources, assignments, tasks, timesheets, project status reports, issues and risks. You can also generate dashboard reports with comment histories for review.


You don’t want to clog your email system by having all notifications emailed to all users. PDWare incorporates an in-app notification system that alerts the appropriate users about changes, and actions they need to take

Send emails & text messages automatically

PDWare’s resource planning and management tool offers email and text message integration with the portfolio management workflow, with many notifications capable of being triggered automatically from user actions.

The fully customizable interface allows you to add, edit, remove, and set time interval and priority on any type of notification.

You can also create your own unique notifications.



Manage time report

PDWare incorporates a customizable review mechanism giving team leads supervision over their resources’ time entry. The feature allows impersonation and quick adjustment of team member tracking when they are not available to do it on their own.

Track time

PDWare’s time tracking component allows for a simple interface for team members to track their time spent on projects and on non-project work. Based on your needs, tracking can be done at a high level (tracking to project), or at a detailed task/issue level.

Comply with organization standards

Use a customizable chart mechanism to illustrate which organizations are entering their time consistently and completely.

Integrate & Customize

Integrate to other systems, customize the UI, and use project templates

Customize PDWare to reflect your organization

Our solution was built with the notion that your organization is unique. As such, PDWare supports full customization. You will be able to customize lists, views, reports, forms, and field names.

Manage project financials

PDWare gives you the ability to plan and manage cost and revenue of portfolio projects. The financial data ties directly to project and resource planning while a security layer maintains corporate compliance by ensuring that financial data remains in the hands of appropriate users.

Using PDWare’s financial features, you will be able to 1) view labor and non-labor cost/revenue analysis; 2) baseline and track actual cost/revenue; 3) report on variances between baselines, forecasts and actuals, and 4) create financial scenarios

Reuse templates

Create a library of pre-configured project models including key project parameters and skill demand profiles. Then use these templates to quickly create a portfolio for operating plan and longer range planning exercises.

Work Online or Offline

You don’t always work online. You might be away from your office, on a plane, but you need to access the system and make some changes. PDWare’s offline mode allows for seamless data checkout for modification, and change integration when you are back online

Integrate with other business systems

PDWare supports integration with other business applications such as: Clarity, Microsoft Project Server, SAP, Cognos, Oracle, Replicon, and even home grown systems, using the Integrator module, XML web services, and custom interfaces.