RELEASE 5/8/2017


• New PMO space with demand analysis, roadmap, risk analysis, and scenarios
• New optimization calculation with support for allocate committed first and allocate to skill demand
• Projects can be excluded in scenarios to see impact
• Scenarios can be applied to portfolio prioritizations
• Support for Node list filters on any list
• Hide zero rows remembers between sessions
• Scheduler supports multiselect of tasks
• Scheduler tasks can link with Project Status Phases and Milestones
• Scheduler supports external dependencies
• PM can request forecast changes based on scheduler changes and discrepancy between project plan and assignments
• Support for column visibility based on user rights


• FIXED: personal page always shows all personal assignments
• FIXED: Export projects Active field
• FIXED: Export secondary skills
• FIXED: Resource histogram uses assignment forecast as availability
• FIXED columns can be hidden based on right level

RELEASE 1/1/2017

• New REST webapi for creating, reading, and updating projects
• Mapped columns in Forecast views are colored based on source table
• FIXED: Assignment comment not saving on request
• FIXED: Save project data from list when Risk & Issue score columns are there
• FIXED: PROJECTDESCRIPTION & PROJECTPOS fields flipped on Admin->Views->Project view design
• FIXED: Admins can't destroy required views and forms
• FIXED spelling and grammar errors
• FIXED: Can't create duplicate views/forms of required names
• FIXED: Scheduler task name saving empty names

RELEASE 11/03/2016

• FIXED: add skill assignment script issue (dialog won't show up)
• Fixed: skill panel showing up on max window
• Fixed: project detail demand analysis uses optimize table in month mode
• Fixed: filter panel showing up on max window
• Fixed: Editing locked after changing views in effort forecast
• Fixed: spelling issue on recalculation
• Fixed: financial view doesn’t edit after reconfigure (changing view)
• Fixed: Totals on new replace assignment and source assignment update on replace
• Fixed: editing owner field in project charter
• Fixed: clearing number of period on get data
• Fixed: Covert/replace on empty assignment brings a confirmation box
• Fixed: adding risk and issue score to project view
• Fixed: filtered the Assigned and HasSkill rows from resource views

RELEASE 9/20/2016

• Added Actual row to resource utilization detail
• Pulse Engine allows setting of time for last run
• Added test query grid to pulse engine
• When looking at Effort Forecast drilldown to a resource, add assignment automatically filters to the resource itself
• User can edit allocation on candidate before replacing (allows for over or under allocation)

• Delete scheduler task in Oracle
• Disallow negative values on timesheets
• Added confirmation on view save
• Fixed case when undefined shows in Timesheet row for comments
• Fixed duplication on Manage timesheet when a resource node has multiple forms defined (case when using iTeam and ResourceFirst in the same database)
• Cost Centers display correctly in Financial (not filtered based on resource node right)
• Fixed: Edit on long table caused a jump
• Fixed: Column headers menu disappeared after a new view load
• Fixed: Complete edit on tables before save
• Fixed: Jump to first page when drilldown on project/resource
• Fixed: Show all removes column filters as well
• Fixed: Skill Pane works on low resolution screens
• Fixed: Skill columns are twice the width they used to be
• Compliance & Status report set status to -1 when period and no timesheet returns NULL. (as a result were painted green on the screen now paints as grey)

RELEASE 8/12/2016

• R1 can approve requests R0 can see requests made by them and delete if still open
• Date parameters in pages
• Pages now refresh on all changes (no need to refresh)
• Separate date parameters for labor and financials (for example, you can have demand in months and financial in quarters)
• Utilization Detail now supports hours
• Column Headers can be reloaded from administration settings
• Actual row in resource utilization detail
• Confirmation on view save

• Switch Track for issue in Oracle
• By hours remembered between sessions
• Disallow negative values on timesheets
• Delete scheduler task in Oracle
• Duplication on Manage timesheet when a resource node has multiple forms defined (case when using iTeam and ResourceFirst in the same database)
• Undefined shows in Timesheet row for comments

RELEASE 6/30/2016

• Updated skill assignments with no demand become inactive
• You can edit nodes on financial assignments
• You can update skill, comment, and active field on labor assignments
• Administrators can control the availability of request functionality, and session timeout
• Portfolio values by Hours
• Menus open/close on click not hover
• SSO support for SAML 2.0 (Clarify, Okta support)
• Oracle support
• Notification can have a prefix message
• Scheduler now auto-saves changes

• Resource node path are wrapped correctly in resource detail
• Ranking issue when using a list (displayed list id instead of value) still needs to display list item text in the column
• Sort issue on forecast skill
• Description sort issue (showing in reverse) on forecast
• Financial not showing in cost center nodes number of rows in grid
• Pulse execution with interval different from 1
• Project Ranking view is now displaying list items and calculates correctly
• Ranking detail issue with drop downs
• Empty skill sort issue (mismatch between count and rows returned)
• Adding resource assignments with no skills
• Adding tasks to scheduler with no start and end date
• Time tracking view not switching issue

RELEASE 6/2/2016

• Replaced Memcached with Redis
• New project phase scheduler view with milestones and start-finish ranges
• Project is set in insert assignments dialog when you drill down to the project
• Row Total on effort forecast

• Session timeout issue redirecting to the login page.
• Financial rights issue. f0 can see, f2 edit, f1 edit on project only.
• Scheduler indentation issue
• Timeout issue with number of minutes

RELEASE 4/9/2016

• Ranking Administration: Administrator can now manage the ranking fields, lists, and formulas in the administration space.
• Project Rank Detail: In the project detail space, a new Rank panel allows the assignment of rank values to different rank fields
• Project Ranking: In the project area a new ranking tab allows the assignment of formulas to project and the calculation of project score base on rank fields values.

• Updating comment on a timesheet row after values were added doesn’t clear changes
• Changed save template to a background process not to timeout

RELEASE 3/18/2016

• Added node-view association for timesheets (different departments can have different timesheet views)

• Fixed display issue when switching Tracking for when the timesheet view changes
• Blank dates on project/resource fields doesn’t break save, and save blanks
• Compliance report shows only T1 rights & Admin
• For internal deployment, fixed Loading issue with Mode=Edge
• Resources can save with empty skill and/or cost category
• Grouping summary now displays only two decimal points on all recalculations .

RELEASE 2/22/2016


• Added expand/collapse panels on manage timesheet & track time.
• Added ticketing server setting for the server setting to be used in cases when Qlikview needs routing
• Project Detail now has a Status tab with the ability to submit status report on selected fields (defined in the Project Status Report view) and report Phases & Milestones
• Added the ability to import CSV files from the project and resource grids.
• Added the ability to remove drilldown filter on the Forecast page
• Added close button for notifications popups
• Reformatted the top Project Detail information bar


• Fixes field switch between project description and status notes
• Fixed time tracking issue when changing By FTE & By Hours
• Fixed assignments being created with empty Resource, Skill, and Non-Labor (Financial)
• Replacing an assignment with a candidate can add to an existing assignment of the candidate
• Show mask when searching for candidates
• Forecast exports dates now use fiscal periods or calendar for headers

RELEASE 1/22/2016


• Initiated Project Approver right level is now controlled by server setting
• Allow delete initiated projects without approval or reject
• Pulse email notifications now support CC
• Users can now create & apply project templates
• Users can control which tabs display in Project Detail
• Changed icons to a new set.


• Project Detail menu options now are in a float panel and don’t squeeze the project detail
Fixed User list display issue when password is blank