RELEASE 2/22/2016


• Added expand/collapse panels on manage timesheet & track time.
• Added ticketing server setting for the server setting to be used in cases when Qlikview needs routing
• Project Detail now has a Status tab with the ability to submit status report on selected fields (defined in the Project Status Report view) and report Phases & Milestones
• Added the ability to import CSV files from the project and resource grids.
• Added the ability to remove drilldown filter on the Forecast page
• Added close button for notifications popups
• Reformatted the top Project Detail information bar


• Fixes field switch between project description and status notes
• Fixed time tracking issue when changing By FTE & By Hours
• Fixed assignments being created with empty Resource, Skill, and Non-Labor (Financial)
• Replacing an assignment with a candidate can add to an existing assignment of the candidate
• Show mask when searching for candidates
• Forecast exports dates now use fiscal periods or calendar for headers