RELEASE 5/8/2017


• New PMO space with demand analysis, roadmap, risk analysis, and scenarios
• New optimization calculation with support for allocate committed first and allocate to skill demand
• Projects can be excluded in scenarios to see impact
• Scenarios can be applied to portfolio prioritizations
• Support for Node list filters on any list
• Hide zero rows remembers between sessions
• Scheduler supports multiselect of tasks
• Scheduler tasks can link with Project Status Phases and Milestones
• Scheduler supports external dependencies
• PM can request forecast changes based on scheduler changes and discrepancy between project plan and assignments
• Support for column visibility based on user rights


• FIXED: personal page always shows all personal assignments
• FIXED: Export projects Active field
• FIXED: Export secondary skills
• FIXED: Resource histogram uses assignment forecast as availability
• FIXED columns can be hidden based on right level