RELEASE 6/30/2016

• Updated skill assignments with no demand become inactive
• You can edit nodes on financial assignments
• You can update skill, comment, and active field on labor assignments
• Administrators can control the availability of request functionality, and session timeout
• Portfolio values by Hours
• Menus open/close on click not hover
• SSO support for SAML 2.0 (Clarify, Okta support)
• Oracle support
• Notification can have a prefix message
• Scheduler now auto-saves changes

• Resource node path are wrapped correctly in resource detail
• Ranking issue when using a list (displayed list id instead of value) still needs to display list item text in the column
• Sort issue on forecast skill
• Description sort issue (showing in reverse) on forecast
• Financial not showing in cost center nodes number of rows in grid
• Pulse execution with interval different from 1
• Project Ranking view is now displaying list items and calculates correctly
• Ranking detail issue with drop downs
• Empty skill sort issue (mismatch between count and rows returned)
• Adding resource assignments with no skills
• Adding tasks to scheduler with no start and end date
• Time tracking view not switching issue