RELEASE 9/20/2016

• Added Actual row to resource utilization detail
• Pulse Engine allows setting of time for last run
• Added test query grid to pulse engine
• When looking at Effort Forecast drilldown to a resource, add assignment automatically filters to the resource itself
• User can edit allocation on candidate before replacing (allows for over or under allocation)

• Delete scheduler task in Oracle
• Disallow negative values on timesheets
• Added confirmation on view save
• Fixed case when undefined shows in Timesheet row for comments
• Fixed duplication on Manage timesheet when a resource node has multiple forms defined (case when using iTeam and ResourceFirst in the same database)
• Cost Centers display correctly in Financial (not filtered based on resource node right)
• Fixed: Edit on long table caused a jump
• Fixed: Column headers menu disappeared after a new view load
• Fixed: Complete edit on tables before save
• Fixed: Jump to first page when drilldown on project/resource
• Fixed: Show all removes column filters as well
• Fixed: Skill Pane works on low resolution screens
• Fixed: Skill columns are twice the width they used to be
• Compliance & Status report set status to -1 when period and no timesheet returns NULL. (as a result were painted green on the screen now paints as grey)