Two Platforms - One Solution

PDWare allows users to choose between a browser-based thin client and a Microsoft Excel based desktop client.  Both user experiences share data in a central hosted or on-premise database. 


ResourceFirst Web Client

ResourceFirst Web Client is 100% thin-client and can be hosted or installed on-premise.  The ResourceFirst PPM method puts resource planning at the core of all portfolio analysis.  Resource planning is always addressed first because it provides a big initial performance impact, and it provides the basis for determining feasibility throughout portfolio management processes.

Our solution provides all the tools a user needs to manage a portfolio of projects, whether you're a team member reviewing your assignments or time-tracking, a project or resource manager entering forecast or status, or a portfolio manager, PMO resource, or executive looking to analyze the data or view and create dashboards.

We built ResourceFirst from the bottom up, taking advantage of all the latest web technology including dashboards powered by Qlik, hosting by Microsoft Azure.


ResourceFirst Desktop

Many companies do Resource Planning in Excel, but the problem occurs when they try to update or consolidate the data across departments.  Hundreds of individual spreadsheets lead to difficulties in reporting and sharing data, while one large spreadsheet often causes multi-user issues and data corruption.

ResourceFirst Desktop gives you the best of both worlds by offering the users a forecasting spreadsheet that they are used to, and transforming the data into an enterprise repository that management can analyze and use for business decisions.  All while maintaining data security and accuracy.

True PPM functionality has been added including Capacity Planning, Portfolio Analysis, What-If Scenarios, Workflow, and much more, all while maintaining a very user-friendly front end with auto-fill, copy-paste, and all the functionality you come to expect from Microsoft Excel.

Prioritized Allocation Algorithm


PDWare not only tells you if your resources are overallocated (you know this), but specifically which projects are not getting the resources they need.  It does this by analyzing the high priority projects first and allocating resources by skill down through a prioritized portfolio.

This allows you to ask the questions:  What if a new must-do project was added to the portfolio--how does this affect my work in progress?  When can a new project best start and get most of the resources it needs?  How will a pending reduction in workforce affect my existing portfolio?

Rapid Implementation


PDWare can be up and running in days, not months.

Legacy data can be easily imported from spreadsheets, text files, or other Project Management or PPM solutions.

Managers can learn the software with one day of training.  Team members can learn the software in one hour.