Some of our clients

Success Stories

I’d say the key feature is that [PDWare] is so simple to implement and use. The focus is never on the tool. This is really important to us.
— VP Product Delivery Process, Medtronic
One of the main reasons we picked PDWare was that it didn’t try to solve a problem we didn’t have. We didn’t have to lay anybody off and it actually executed pretty well. We were within .05% of our budget at the end of the year.
— Sr. Director Program & Portfolio Management, Life Technologies
Project development planning is not a day at the beach… but (with PDWare) it doesn’t have to be that way.
— Senior Manager, PMO, Covidien
We use the process and PDWare to make decisions about projects, to approve, cancel, delay or re-scope as needed.
— VP, PMO, Options Clearing Corporation
This is a simple-to-implement system that scales with business needs and quickly delivers actionable business information necessary for managing project resources in today’s economy.
— Partner PRTM
Once they saw the data, they came around … first early adaptors … and now we have avid supporters. You need to show the Doubting Thomases the [PDWare] data.
— IT Finance Director, Pfizer
If I had had this tool and process in December last year, I could have completed the planning exercise in one week instead of the three months it took.
— GEMS Manager, as published in PDMA Visions, Motorola
Project prioritization [at Respironics] has improved since the inclusion of PDWare. The flexibility to make adjustments across the portfolio based on clear data is very valuable.
— VP R&D, Philips Respironics
I can only praise PDWare. It requires so little effort. I maybe spend an hour a month updating.
— PMO Manager, Philips Lighting
PDWare focuses on what we need today which is true supply and demand resource data without a lot of extra bells and whistles. We have come to find that using PDWare we have been able to reduce the overall resource gap substantially. The system (PDWare) ensures that we have a prioritization process in place and that the sequence is understood across the business to ensure we don’t work on lower priority projects at the risk of jeopardizing key launches. This is something we wanted to culturally change in the work place and PDWare has helped drive that thought process.
— Principal Program Analyst, Medtronic Spinal
I love it. I use it every day and have it running all of the time.
— IT Director, PMO, Floyd Medical