Why PDWare?

There are a gazillion Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Resource Planning, and Strategy Execution systems on the market claiming to offer resource management solutions.

So why choose us?

Glad you asked! Here are five good reasons we feel make us an ideal choice:

  1. We’re pioneers in the resource management space. We were the first software company to base a portfolio management solution primarily on a foundation of resource planning—continuously balancing supply, demand, and priority for more effective resource allocation. We believe it’s central to feasible portfolio delivery and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

  2. We’re fast. We can get you started with a full view of capacity and demand in days or weeks, not months. We also offer an integrated maturity model to allow you to grow into our software over time.

  3. We’re easy. In addition to rapid implementation, our user interface is intuitive and simple, serving as a practical enabler, not a barrier. For example, we have drag/fill features when filling out forecast grids, just like Excel, but on the Cloud. And we easily integrate with most software.

  4. We’re knowledgeable. All our staff and leadership have extensive experience in resource planning and portfolio management and are well-versed in the software and best practices for using it. You can email or call us any time.

  5. We don’t just sell and run. We’re more like a good concierge. We partner with you and provide personalized attention to ensure your success. In fact, we judge our success based on how easy it is for our customers to solve capacity and demand issues, period.